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The Economic Relations Division (ERD) is one of the four divisions of the Ministry of Finance, the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. ERD has 10 (Ten) functional wings. United Nations (UN) Wing is one of them. “Knowledge for Development Management (K4DM) Project” is being implemented by UN wing.

One of the innovations of K4DM Project is ERDPedia which is developed as a document management system for ERD back in 2017. All the documents such as Loan Agreement, Books, Journals, Reports, etc. of ERD documentation center (ERDOC) are digitized by the K4DM project.

The objective of establishing ERDPedia is to have an information repository system. All the signed Loan Agreements by the Development Partners (DP) are scanned and uploaded into the ERDPedia. However, in case of Books, Journals, Annual Reports, only Table of Contents are scanned and uploaded in to ERDPedia. A total of 16250 documents are uploaded into the ERDPedia as on 30 November 2020. As uploading documents is a continuous process and to further strengthened this process, we welcome any suggestions in this regard. The upgraded version of ERDPedia is capable to store and run videos also. So, from now on ERD may store videos on its different events in to ERDPedia.

Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Finance,
Government of the Peoples's Republic of Bangladesh.
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